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Testimonials fom some of our Satisfied customers

Hi neighbors! The messages I find most helpful in our newsgroup are those where other homeowners pass on kudos and references for services they have received on their own properties. I got my housekeeper that way thanks to Beth Anderson and other recommendations I have found helpful over the six years we have been here. I wanted to return the favor and let you all know that I just used one of our homeowners to replace my double gate on the side of my house which was recently destroyed from our high winds this spring. Dave Volk did a terrific job on this fence and I would highly recommend his work to any other Lakeline Ranch Homeowner! Not only was the work high quality, his price was very competative with other bids I received and he did the work very quickly which was important to me. A lot of our properties are getting to the age where we will be needing to do some fence replacements to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood so I wanted to pass this along to be a good neighbor! Feel free to come by and check it out.

You can call him at 512-431-9755


Janet Farmer